June 21, 2021

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Boeleo -Touch Screen Pen Scanner, translate voice recording

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Boeleo – translate voice recording ,instantly translate scanned texts, recorded voices, and snapped photos. The world’s 1st 4G-compatible w/ a mass 1GB+16GB data storage.
Boeleo can help you understand and speak any language you want! Translate any words or sentences in a foreign language you hear or see on paper, screen, or anything you can take a photo of. Travel? International trade? Language learning? Take Boeleo with you, and language barrier is no more.
What’s unique about Boeleo that makes it stand out from other translation pens is as follows: It’s the first of its kind that is 4G compatible so you can have that translation capability with you on the move, abroad or anywhere you want to go
It has the largest data memory of 1GB RAM +16GB storage which means a much higher speed of translation and access to saved data
It is extremely affordable others could easily cost you more than $200USD while falling short on versatility of functions https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCM0JScxvwSGV-ufgaHYqBEg?sub_confirmation=1


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