May 7, 2021

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Cow and alligator temporarily stop Houston traffic in separate incidents

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Houston drivers have no need to go to the zoo when animals are on their morning commute. 

A cow and alligator slowed traffic down yesterday when they strolled onto the highway and a bridge, respectively, in separate incidents. 

Harris County Sheriff Ed Gonzalez tweeted that a livestock unit was on the way to Interstate 10 Wednesday morning after a cow was seen roaming the highway. 

He reported there may have been one related crash, but no injuries to the cow. The cow was rescued a short time later, and the owner was on scene, according to another tweet from Gonzalez.  

Drivers would be in for another surprise a few hours later with another animal stopping traffic — an alligator. 

One lane on a bridge near the Houston suburb of Baytown was shut down when the alligator made his way to the roadway, ABC-7 reported.  

According to NBC-DFW, Texas Parks and Wildlife Department members and officers placed a rope around the alligator’s neck before officers held it down to tape it’s mouth. 

The alligator was loaded into a bed of a truck then released underneath the bridge, KTRK-TV reported

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