May 7, 2021

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Transfer your Facebook photos, posts and notes to other sites. Here’s how – CNET

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Facebook is making it easier to move your photos, posts and more to other platforms. 

Sarah Tew/CNET

Ready to delete Facebook, or just looking to make sure your years of photos, videos, posts and notes on the social media platform are saved elsewhere for you to access? Facebook now lets you transfer all of your valuable information from the site to other platforms. 

Facebook already allows you to download all of your data (including the ad-targeting information the site collects about you) in a ZIP file, and to move photos and videos specifically to Google Photos, Dropbox, Backblaze and Koofr. As of April, you can also directly transfer your posts and notes from the site to Google Docs, Blogger and Facebook plans to let you move more data types to different partners in the future, according to a company blog post

The expansion of Facebook’s Transfer Your Information tool comes as Facebook and tech companies like Amazon and Google have faced allegations from regulators and lawmakers that they use monopoly power to illegally suppress their competitors, CNET reporter Queenie Wong reported. Lawsuits filed against Facebook last year noted that people have a difficult time moving their information to other platforms, an issue that keeps them on the social network. 

Here’s how to use the Facebook Transfer Your Information tool to send your photos, videos, posts and notes to other platforms. These instructions are largely the same whether you’re accessing Facebook in a browser or on the mobile app. 

How to transfer your Facebook photos, videos, posts and notes 

Use Facebook’s updated transfer tool to move your photos, videos, posts and notes over to platforms like Google Docs and


1. On Facebook on desktop, click the down arrow in the top right corner. Click Settings & Privacy > Settings > Your Facebook Information

2. Click Transfer a Copy of Your Information, and re-enter your Facebook password.

3. Choose what you’d like to transfer — photos, videos, posts or notes. (If you choose photos or videos, you’ll have the option to move all of them, or those from a selected date range or album. If you choose posts or notes, the only option is to select them all.) 

4. From the drop-down menu, choose which platform you want to transfer your information to. (Facebook notes that after the transfer, that service’s terms and policies will apply to their use of your information.)

5. Log into the service you selected to move your information to, and select Confirm Transfer.

Now you’ve got a copy of those precious Facebook posts to do with what you choose. 

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