April 11, 2021

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2020-21 Lincoln Aviator being recalled for faulty rearview camera – Roadshow

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2020 Lincoln Aviator Reserve

Around 35,000 Aviators are having issues with their rearview cameras not working properly.

Craig Cole/Roadshow

Reverse cameras are an extremely useful safety feature, which is why they’re mandated on all new vehicles. Unfortunately, if you drive a 2020 or 2021 Lincoln Aviator, yours may not be working correctly.

Specifically, there’s an issue with the image processing module that could make the rearview camera shut off intermittently while reversing. Lincoln’s parent company Ford announced a recall on Friday for the 34,975 vehicles affected by this issue.

Ford’s fix involves reprogramming the faulty image processing modules.. The repair work, like all recalls, will be performed for owners for free by their local Lincoln dealer.

Ford expects to send out notices to dealers starting on May 14, with customer notices beginning on May 19.

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