April 18, 2021

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The daily business briefing: April 1, 2021

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Delta, Coca Cola, and JPMorgan Chase are leading a growing number of major companies condemning Georgia’s new voting law, which restricts absentee ballots and gives the state legislature more power over local elections boards, among other measures. Chase CEO Jamie Dimon said Wednesday the company is against anything that makes it harder for people to vote. Delta CEO Ed Bastian told employees in an internal memo that the provisions “will make it harder for many underrepresented voters, particularly Black voters, to exercise their constitutional right to elect their representatives. That is wrong.” Like Delta, Coca-Cola is based in Georgia, and the company’s CEO, James Quincey, said the law was “unacceptable.” The statements came days after Black clergy members threatened boycotts against companies remaining silent about the law pushed through by Republicans after their losses in Georgia’s presidential and Senate votes. [CBS News]


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