April 18, 2021

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Witness testimony continues today in the Derek Chauvin’s trial

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Witness Donald Wynn Williams II will resume his testimony today after a “major technical glitch” interrupted a video feed to other rooms in the courthouse where family members were watching.

Williams testified yesterday that he witnessed George Floyd’s death, and that he saw Chauvin use a move called a “blood choke.”

He testified that he has experience with chokeholds. Williams said he was a high school and college wrestler who pursued mixed martial arts, and had also worked with police officers in his security job. He said he trained with them in mixed martial arts at a gym.  

Williams, who was shown a bystander video during his testimony, said it appeared that Chauvin was trying to “shimmy” his knee to make the hold tighter.

“Every time his shoulders move, he is pushing that pressure down on his neck,” Williams testified.

He testified that he watched Floyd gasping for air, his eyes roll to the back of his head, and blood start to come out of his nose.


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