February 26, 2021

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2021 Harley-Davidson Pan America 1250 is adventure done American-style video – Roadshow

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Harley Davidson isn’t a brand that’s generally known for going out of its comfort zone and trying new things. But that can be changing with the introduction of the 2021 pan America 1250 Adventure touring motorcycle. The pen America is powered by Harley’s very new and very fancy revolution Max 1250 engine, which produces 150 horsepower. 94 pound feet of torque with a decidedly unhurriedly like 9500 RPM redline. The engine is water cooled it was designed using finite element analysis to help ensure lightweight and strength. It’s also packing variable valve timing on both intake and exhaust cams as well as a maintenance free valvetrain both of which are still kind of uncommon in the motorcycle world. That engine is a stressed member in the pan America, which helps keep weight down and rigidity up for the child. The chassis is pretty standard until you get to the suspension which on the high zoom special model is a semi ended up with automatic preload adjustment settings. Also super cool is the adoptable adaptive ride height system that will drop the bike by an inch or two when coming to a stop. This makes flat footing the bike a lot easier for shorter riders and will make the bike a whole lot more accessible to more riders in general. Of course, adventure bike buyers expect their motorcycles to have the latest and greatest technology and the pen America acquits itself admirably in this department. It makes use of a six axis IMU that adds lean sensitivity to the anti lock braking system and traction control. Bike also gets wheelie control rear wheel and lift mitigation, electronically linked brakes, he’ll hold control Cruise control and Harley’s drag torque slip control, which uses anti lock brakes to help mitigate rear wheel slip during hard launches. The bike being made for use in just about any kind of terrain also features a bunch of user selectable ride modes. In both bikes, you get the regular road rain sport off road and off road plus modes plus a couple of user configurable custom modes. In the more expensive special model, you get extra user configurable modes. All this is controlled through a tilt adjustable 6.8 inch TFT touchscreen that lacks CarPlay or Android Auto integration. Harley plans to have the pan America in dealers by the spring of this year with the base model starting at $17,319. While the better equipped special Renu $19,999 Either of those is chump change, but they’re pretty reasonable when compared to the rest of the pack. [BLANK_AUDIO]


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