March 5, 2021

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More than 940 reported cases of concerning variants in the US, CDC says

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California reported another 8,251 new Covid-19 cases Tuesday, the lowest daily number since mid-November, according to state health data.

Plummeting cases have led to a 33% drop in hospitalizations and 26% fewer ICU admissions over just the past two weeks.

“Deaths continue to be devastating,” Gov. Gavin Newsom said Tuesday, as the state reported an additional 327 fatalities resulting from the coronavirus. The rolling average number of deaths remains just below 500 per day.

Newsom was in Santa Clara for the opening of the state’s largest mass vaccination center at Levi’s Stadium, which will be set to administer 15,000 vaccines each day.

“The goal is pretty straightforward. The goal is to design a system that has only one limitation and that’s supply,” said Newsom, explaining that scarcity of Covid-19 vaccines remains prevalent. California expects to receive slightly more than a million doses for each of the next three weeks. 

Safely returning to in-person learning before the end of the school remains a top priority for Newsom, and one that he asserts is attainable. Until the availability of vaccine increases, Newsom suggests people “do the math and be honest” about the likelihood of specific groups like teachers all being inoculated.

“It’s very unlikely that we’ll be able to accomplish that because of the scarcity of the vaccine without taking away from vast majority of others including seniors and the most medically vulnerable, and that’s the unfortunate position we’re all in,” Newsom said.

California’s legislature continues to consider Newsom’s $6.6 billion proposal to reopen schools, an effort that would provide a statewide standard including testing, personal protective equipment, ventilation, and mental health support in addition to the academic needs of students.

An announcement on those guidelines is expected soon, along with an outline for school sports to resume.


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